Childless Support Circles

Join us!

If you're feeling alone in your experience as a childless woman, I'd like to personally invite you to join our monthly support circles to connect with others who get it.

There is enormous power in coming together to support and validate one another. Each month we gather online to share experiences, discuss coping skills, and help each other heal and grow. Each month focuses on a different theme related to childlessness.

What to Expect

  • Each circle lasts 90 minutes and is held over the video-conferencing platform, Zoom. Video participation is required.
  • Sessions are limited to 10 participants to allow for small group discussion.
  • This is not a therapy group, but a peer-led opportunity to talk with others who are in similar circumstances. 
  • The group is only open to those who are childless and who identify as women.
  • Each month we discuss a different theme related to being childless. A few questions are prepared in advance to guide the conversation, but it’s also time for you to bring what’s on your mind.
  • Attendees are asked to abide by the group agreements, which can be found here.

What Circle Attendees Say

"This group is valuable to me because it helps me remember I have allies who understand the painful challenges of living as a childless woman on a day to day basis. Their understanding carries me through the time between our meetings. It also helps me have better awareness of my grief journey and provides additional tools for coping. I wish I had found this group earlier and would highly recommend it to others facing the same loss! What a treasure to have women to laugh and cry with when so often we feel alone, misunderstood, and overlooked by the world and those closest to us."
"If you're considering joining us, then you definitely should. Katy is an excellent group leader, she makes space for everyone and gently keeps us on topic. The other attendees are thoughtful and kind. I know there are so many people like me, but I hadn't actually met any of them until I joined this support circle."
"The Childless Support Circles are a special, safe haven to talk and gain support from other who are childless. Katy is the perfect host, giving space for people to talk, facilitating discussion whilst also maintaining equal space for everyone. There are always specific topics chosen for discussion, which are clear challenges through this journey. The circles gave me strength to make decisions about my fertility journey which I was struggling to do previously. They have been a saving grace for me."

Meet Your Host

I'm Katy (she/her) and I'm designing an unexpectedly childfree life after infertility. I know how challenging it can be to find support when your dreams of parenthood don't work out. It can feel isolating, like you're the only one in the world who's going through it.

After my hysterectomy in 2017, I started Chasing Creation to provide support, resources and community for those who are also involuntarily childless. I'm always looking for new ways to support our community.

I hold a Master’s of Social Work degree from the University of Georgia, with an emphasis in community empowerment and program development. I'm looking forward to meeting you!

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