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Rock Your Response

to intrusive questions and unsolicited advice.

Feel prepared and confident

responding to unwelcome comments

about your fertility or parental status.

Welcome to the Rock Your Response mini-course. 

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If you are kidless or experiencing infertility, you can’t avoid intrusive questions and unsolicited advice about your fertility or parental status.  The childfree community calls these “bingos”, meaning they’re so common, you could fill a bingo card! Do these sound familiar?


“Do you have kids?”

“Who will take care of you when you’re old?”

“You’ll never know real love until you have a child.”

“Have you tried…”

“Just relax.”


Questions and comments like these can leave you feeling everything from annoyance to dread. Unfortunately, if you plan to interact with other humans, you probably can’t avoid being “bingoed”. However, by crafting a few responses in advance you’ll feel more in control of the situation and ready to answer from a place of confidence and empowerment.

Through this mini-course, we’ll explore who is asking the question or making the comment and why; how the physical environment you’re in may influence your response; and how your current emotional state may influence your response. Then, I’ll provide strategies to help you craft strategic, personalized responses you can use the next time you get “bingoed”.

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