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    "Responding to Intrusive Questions and Unsolicited Advice"

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  • Access to 26 of the video presentations for 1 year
  • Access to audio versions of 26 of the presentations
  • Access to my workshop "Responding to Intrusive Questions and Unsolicited Advice"
  • Transcripts of 26 of the presentations
  • Bonus content from our speakers including book chapters, happy hours, workbooks, and more (details below)!
  • A podcast bundle including exclusive podcast episodes from some of your favorite hosts

Speaker bonus content in the All Access Pass includes:

Self-Discovery Journal Prompts
& Coaching Offer

by Aisha Balesaria of Mind Body Revival Coach

One-page of self-discovery journal prompts plus a special coaching offer: purchase three coaching sessions and get two sessions free (each session is 45 minutes long and must be used within four months of being purchased).

30 Day Path to Stepmom Peace Workbook

by Beth McDonough of The Inclusive Stepmom

When you’re feeling like your stepmom life has spiraled out of control and you wake up each morning feeling unappreciated, drained, and at a loss for how to feel happy in this blended family life, you need to turn inward. The 30 Day Path to Stepmom Peace features 30 days of printable journal prompts that help you hit the reset button and find your inner joy again — or for the very first time.

Curated Quotes for In the Moment
& Coaching Offer

by Chiemi Rajamahendran of Miss Conception Coach

Ten curated “Quotes for in the Moment” graphics hand selected by Chiemi. Plus, a special offer of $20 off your first session (for new clients only).

Digital Copy of Tutum Journal Issue 1

by Jobi Tyson of Tutum Global

TUTUM JOURNAL, a new digital magazine for childless/childfree women, is your guide to navigating life through a collection of essays, interviews, and advice that will inspire and nurture your personal growth.

Living the Life Unexpected: How to Find Hope, Meaning and a Fulfilling Future Without Children Book Chapter

by Jody Day of Gateway Women

Jody Day’s book, “Living the Life Unexpected: How to Find Hope, Meaning and a Fulfilling Future Without Children” is now its 2nd edition (Bluebird/PanMacmillan 2020). Fully revised and updated, with a new introduction by the author and loads of new content, this book has been the cornerstone of many childless women’s recovery from the heartbreak of childlessness. Jody has included a 40-page download of the Introduction and Chapter 1.

Gateway Women Online Membership Community Trial

by Jody Day of Gateway Women

Jody is offering a free one-month trial of the Gateway Women Online Membership Community for all new members to the community.

Courageous Resilience

by Justine Froelker

A one-pager with Justine’s six favorite resources for diving deeper into courageous resilience.

10 Mindset Shifts to Repair Your Body Image

by Kat Haagenson of Femmepower

A 35-page workbook designed to help you navigate your journey to reconnecting with your body and with yourself.

Happy Hour Q&A

by Kat Haagenson of Femmepower

Enjoy a casual conversation in which you get to dig deeper into the topic of repairing your body image after infertility or chronic illness. You also get the opportunity to ask questions regarding my journey with endometriosis, losing an ovary, infertility, transition to childlessness, self-advocacy, and mental health. Non-drinkers welcome.

Do You Have Kids? Life When the Answer is No
Book Chapter

by Kate Kaufmann

A 25 page chapter of the book Do You Have Kids? Life When The Answer is No.

Responding to Intrusive Questions and Unsolicited Advice Workshop

by Katy Seppi of Chasing Creation

This live workshop with Katy will give participants the tools to feel prepared and confident when they get asked personal questions about their fertility or parenthood status. 

Happy Hour Social

by Katy Seppi of Chasing Creation
& Brigid of The Fruitless Figtree

Join Katy and Brigid for a post-summit happy hour! We’ll break out into smaller Zoom rooms so you have the chance to meet others in the childless community.


No agenda, just casual conversation. If you aren’t a drinker, no worries! We don’t care what’s in your cup, we just want to hang our. All are welcome.

Pleasure Prompts Workbook

by Katy Dejong of The Pleasure Anarchist

A collection of Pleasure Prompts: 12 Days of Activities to Cultivate More Pleasure.

Flipping the Script on Infertility
Book Excerpt

by Kezia Okafor

Nine page excerpt of the book Flipping the Script on Infertility.

Finding Joy Beyond Childlessness
Book Chapter

by Lesley Pyne

Chapter five of the book Finding Joy Beyond Childlessness entitled, “If You Can Dream It, You Can Do It.”

Course Discount Healing From Infertility Stress, Trauma and Grief: Finding Hope in the Next Chapter

by Dr. Loree Johnson

Dr. Johnson is offering 10% off her online course. This 12-week self-guided therapeutic program will help you process and heal from the emotional effects of infertility. Learn evidence-based techniques and work directly with a therapist on how to not only survive but thrive in ways you never imagined.

Bonus Newsletter: Why Friendship Is All About Ambiguity

by Dr. Marisa Franco

Bonus newsletter! Get access to Dr. Franco’s one-page newsletter article with additional tips on how to get better at making friends.

Words of Your Womb Meditation and Journaling

by Michelle Marie McGrath of Sacred Self

Michelle offers a 39 minute audio meditation and 12 pages of journaling prompts to take you on a journey through the elements of your magical medicine wheel. Though this process, you will enter your sacred garden that houses your medicine wheel in your womb or hara space. You will travel around your sacred space and see what’s calling for your loving attention. This offering is still appropriate for those who don’t have a womb, as it focuses on the hara space.

Michelle is also offering 20% off of any product or service with her.

Embodiment and Empowerment Bundle

by Sadie Tichelaar of This Curious Life Coaching

A collection of resources to support you in developing an embodiment practice and feel empowered to make tangible, effective and inspiring progress towards your goals, including three additional worksheets and an audio guided meditation.

Live Workshop & Session Discount

by Tanya Hubbard of Tanya Hubbard Counselling

Join Tanya for a live follow up workshop on Saturday, May 1 at 12pm PDT; 3pm EDT; 8pm BST. More details soon!
And 25% off your first one-on-one session (for new clients only).

Dreaming of a Life Unlived
Book Excerpt

by Yvonne John

Six page excerpt of the book Dreaming of a Life Unlived entitled, “The Asian Black Sheep.”

The podcast bundle in the All-Access Pass
includes these exclusive episodes:

Interview with Jody of Childless and Confident

by Ali Prato, Creator and Host of Infertile AF Podcast
& Co-Founder, Fertility Rally

About the Podcast

In her unfiltered podcast about infertility and building modern families, Brooklyn-based journalist and mom-of-two Ali Prato, who went through secondary infertility and IVF, talks to women—and some men—about the messy, frustrating, painful, heartbreaking, absurd and sometimes hilarious journey to have a baby. Or in some cases, to not have a baby. Each episode tells a different story, getting real about miscarriages, egg freezing, sperm donors, adoption, depression, secondary infertility, surrogacy, endometriosis, IUIs, acupuncture, addiction, relationship drama, genetic testing, money issues, that crazy jealousy you feel when you see someone else with a baby bump, and so much more. She covers the happy endings, the soul-crushingly sad ones, and the ones still in limbo.


About the Episode

Join Ali for an exclusive, intimate interview with Jody of Childless and Confident. Jody shares how she has created her childless plan b fabulous future.


Five Things We Love About Living Childfree After Infertility

by Erik and Melissa
Live Childfree with Erik and Melissa Podcast

About the Podcast

Erik and Melissa are a 40-something, interracial, childfree couple living in Los Angeles, California. After many heart-wrenching years battling infertility, they made the decision to stop “trying” and instead, re-envision their future as a family of two. On this podcast, they openly talk about their life and share their experiences related to infertility, childfree living, marriage, travel, self-growth and a host of other topics.


About the Episode

In this podcast episode, as a companion to their presentation, Melissa and Erik list and discuss some of their favorite aspects to living childfree after infertility.

Interview with Katy of Chasing Creation

by Jo Vraca
(un)Ripe Community Podcast

About the Podcast

I’m here, with my co-hosts, to demonstrate the life that is possible after grief, that we can pursue a life of purpose and meaning outside of the traditional nuclear family. We work with women to help them, and ourselves, find this purpose. We’re on a mission!


About the Episode *

In this episode, I talk with Katy of Chasing Creation about her experience of coming to terms with a childfree life after infertility. 


* This podcast episode is not exclusive to the summit and has been previously released to the public

Avoiding Victimhood After Infertility

by Jesse and Doug Brown from Uniquely Knitted
& The Infertility Feelings Podcast

About the Podcast

Jesse and Doug have suffered from infertility without success for the past decade. Throughout their struggle of infertility they have been overwhelmed with a tidal wave of uncontrollable feelings. In 2019 they founded Uniquely Knitted, a non profit organization aimed at serving all who struggle with the emotions of infertility. In this podcast they are breaking down all the things we feel during the struggle to grow our families. Understanding the psychology of the feelings that come up during infertility from licensed therapists. Hearing first hand from those who have gone through infertility. Helping everyone struggling, and those who care for someone struggling know what it FEELS like to go through infertility.



About the Episode

Living a childless life after the struggle of infertility can create an attitude of victimhood. It IS true that we are victims of infertility, no one invited these struggles into their life. However, we must move on from victim to victor in our lives, to truly find ownership and freedom. In this episode of The Infertility Feelings Podcast we are talking about the delicate transformation from living a life overtaken by feelings of victimhood to a life of someone taking full ownership of their childless life.

Trauma Boss: Take Back Your Power, Make Hard Things Useful, and Be a Better Human

by Maria T. Rothenburger, PhD
Miracles Happen Fertility Podcast

About the Podcast

Talk about mind, body, soul wellness to support the family building journey no matter where it leads. Miracles aren’t just in the form of a baby.


About the Episode

Trauma changes us. Most people think it’s all for the bad, but research shows there’s a lot more to it. How would your life be different if you noticed how much more amazing you are, because of everything you’ve been through? This podcast highlights the research and gives you specific tools so you can turn family building trauma on its head. This is not a podcast about thinking positive all the time or finding silver linings – it’s about staring hard stuff right in the face and inviting it in for a chat.

Childless Not By Choice From A South Asian Woman’s Perspective: An Interview with Sindy with Care

by Ola Toke
Fertility Conversations

About the Podcast

The goal of the podcast is to de-stigmatize & create awareness about Infertility, normalize conversations about it & make people feel less alone.


About the Episode

The episode will highlight the experience of a south Asian woman who is childless not by choice. She shares the impact of society and cultural norms, the grief and anxiety she experienced, the obsession of society with a miracle baby at the end of Infertility & her decision to boldly create awareness publicly about being childless not by choice after Infertility in the hope of making others feel less alone.

Move at your own pace.

With 28 sessions over four days, the Childless Collective Summit is packed with resources you won’t want to miss or rush. We know that healing and building your plan b isn’t linear. Being able to revisit the conversations and resources allows you the space to process the information on your own timeline.  Some topics may hit you differently depending on what you’re needing at the time. 


By having access for a full year, you’ll have comfort of knowing you can connect with words of hope, healing, wisdom and validation whenever you want to revisit them.

Basic Access Pass

$ 97
  • Access to 26 of the video presentations for 1 year
  • Access to audio versions of 26 of the presentations
  • Access to my workshop "Responding to Intrusive Questions and Unsolicited Advice"

All Access Pass

$ 147
  • Access to 26 of the video presentations for 1 year
  • Access to audio versions of 26 of the presentations
  • Access to my workshop "Responding to Intrusive Questions and Unsolicited Advice"
  • Transcripts of 26 of the presentations
  • Bonus content from our speakers including book chapters, happy hours, workbooks, and more (details below)!
  • A podcast bundle including exclusive podcast episodes from some of your favorite hosts

The Speakers

No matter which pass you choose, you’ll have a full year* of access to the presentations from the speakers below.


You can also learn more about the speakers here.

Jody Day, Keynote Speaker

Pronouns: she/her

How to Create a Meaningful Life Without Children: Lessons from a Decade of Healing

Michelle Marie McGrath
Using Your Authentic Voice

Kate Kaufmann

Pronouns: she/her

Tapping the Wisdom of Others with Curiosity, Vitality, and Grace

Lisa Ann Kissane

Pronouns: she/her

Celebrating Our Stories Through Literature


Justine Froelker

Pronouns: she/her

Healing to Receive Our Big Story

Yvonne John

Pronouns: she/her

Black Girls Do Cry

Jobi Tyson
The Importance of Controlling Our Narrative

Tanya Hubbard

Pronouns: she/her

Unpacking the Stories We’ve Been Told

April Boyd

Pronouns: she/her
Let Go of Who You Thought You’d Be, and Show Up as All of Who You Already Are

Kezia Ashley Okafor

Pronouns: she/her
Mindset to Wholeness 

Beth McDonough

Pronouns: she/her
Healing the Misunderstood Wound of the Childless Stepmom

Chiemi Rajamahendran

Pronouns: she/her
Setting Boundaries While Healing from Trauma and Loss 

Dr. Loree Johnson

Pronouns: she/her
Healing from Infertility, Trauma and Grief: Finding Hope in the Next Chapter

Kat Haagenson

Pronouns: she/her

Reconnect with Your Body

Katy Dejong

Pronouns: she/her

Reclaiming Your Sexuality After Infertility

Aisha Balesaria
Tackling Taboos and Overcoming Cultural Boundaries in Infertility

Kadi & Laura

Pronouns: she/her; she/her

Over the Pond: Shared Experiences and What We Wish We Could of Said to Our Younger Selves 

Stephanie Phillips

Pronouns: she/her

Finding Support, Validation, and Friendship

Anne Brock

Pronouns: she/her

How Faith Communities Can Be More Inclusive of Childless Women

Dr. Marisa Franco

Pronouns: she/her

How to Make Friends as an Adult

Melanie Notkin
Welcome to Otherhood

Sadie Tichelaar

Pronouns: she/her

Embodying Your Future Self

Lesley Pyne

Pronouns: she/her

The Unexpected Doorway to Rekindling Happiness & Joy


Donsurae Byrd

Pronouns: she/her

Rediscovering Your Identity

Erik and Melissa Jones

Pronouns: he/him, she/her

Learning to Live Childfree

Katy Seppi

Pronouns: she/her

Finding Your Balance, 

Taking Your Next Steps

Tracey Cleantis Dwyer
Finding Your Next Happy

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